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The best AI baby monitor to safeguard your baby’s safety from 0-5+ years. AI detection for covered danger zone, cry detection, auto photo capture and lots more.

features of the camera

  • Crying Detection, Music Soothing: automatically detect the baby's crying and sends you instant notifications through the APP, while playing white noise to soothe the baby to fall asleep again.

  • One-click generation of Baby Sleeps Analysis Report: look back at the baby's sleep report for the past 7 days, understand every detailed data of the baby's sleep.

  • Timeline Smart Review Video: Accurately review previously recorded videos through the timeline.

  • Two-way Communication: Put the baby to sleep personally with clear two-way communication that allows you to speak to your baby from anywhere.

  • Auto Photo Capture: Never miss any joyful moment of your baby with the auto photo capture feature, which takes the photos automatically just for you to view them when you check the APP.

  • SD Card Local Storage: That is more secure than cloud storage. Use the AES-128/256 block encryption standard algorithm to protect your privacy and make your data 100% safe.

  • Advanced 2K QHD 400W Pixel Full Infrared Night Vision. Supports 360° PTZ Rotation.

  • 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz WiFi Support: Faster connection, better live video quality.

One-click generation of Baby Sleeps Analysis Report:

Auto Photo Capture:

Never miss any joyful moment of your baby.

Crib Exit Alert

Crying Detection, Music Soothing:


Special Features


2K Ultra HD video camera


Daily Sleep Tracking Data


Auto-screenshot for memorable photo wall


Crying Detection


White Noise + Lullabies


Free lifetime cloud storage


Motion Detection following baby movements


Night Vision


2- Way Audio


Virtual Fence for alerts upon leaving bed

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great quality, easy to use!

The camera is working great! I’m expecting my baby to come in 4 months. I had been shopping for the baby cameras online and In-store and finally decided to get it from here! The instructions are easy to follow and it only took about 20 mins to set it up. The feature I like the most is that I’m able to use the app to rotate the camera so I can get different angles. The other cool feature is being able to talk to the baby through the phone, and play music through the camera. The image is very clear as well. I’m happy with my purchase. Btw I have read a review saying that WiFi doesn’t work. So I contacted the seller just in case it won’t work for me. It turns out working great! Recommending y’all buy it if this price is in your budget.

In love with this camera 😍😍

Holy smokes is it worth every penny! It’s so simple to setup and the process was easy with ZERO hiccups! It even came with the micro SD for expanded storage…. The quality is really really good! You can adjust the camera from your phone and it is really responsive! I highly recommend this thing! Oh, and ZERO membership or subscription to BS programs…. Thing just works

Mark Q.
Great Quality

This camera is very cute looking, perfect for my baby girl’s nursery room. The camera does turns 360 degrees which make it has a very broad view of the room. I especially love how clear the image is on your phone. You can download the App called “SimHome”. Very easy to use. However, only one person can login into the app at a time.

Chanely Jimenez
This a very nice camera

This is a very nice camera, it has a lovely look and high-definition picture, and it can move in different directions automatically, I can watch my cat at any time.

Daniel Green
We love it

The camera has a 360° pan-tilt rotation that gives a broader view of a room. It has five A.I. functions that help in the daily care of your baby. The images and videos are clear, and we love the A.I. crying detection feature. This baby monitor is very cute, and the camera can move in different directions. It comes with a crib stand and six soothing music on the SD card. I connected the SD with my laptop and added more soothing music that we always wanted to play whenever the baby cries.

My girlfriend and I had our first child early this year. Our boy is so cute and a tender version of me. She wanted a Baby Monitor, and we decided to try out the Simshine Smart Baby Monitor. It came with a user manual, and we downloaded the app and followed the instructions to set up and connect it to our phones, and we got it working right away. It has helped us in our daily activities. We don’t worry much and spend less time going to the baby’s room to check on him.

It is a very effective tool for parenting. We strongly recommend it for parents with newborns, and we plan to continue using it for a long time.