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SimShine Pro - The SMART baby monitor

SimShine Pro- The SMART Baby Monitor.

Technology has surged forward in leaps and bounds in recent years. What seems amazing to even dream of, becomes an established fact very quickly. Our lives are becoming increasingly demanding with the passage of time. Businesses, industries, and science are coming up with newer and newer ways to make life easier for us. The internet, more specifically the WiFi has drastically changed our lives. Our world has become a global village, in the true sense of the word. Technology has become an integral part of each and every aspect of our lives. We are always in touch with our loved ones, thanks to the internet.

Baby monitors with WiFi

Parenting is a very demanding job in the best of times. It becomes more so if there is an infant or toddler at home. How to ensure the baby's safety and security, is a problem most parents face today. The use of baby monitors with cameras has become the norm, as a way of keeping track of all your baby's movements. When parents are busy at home or outside, tracking devices help them know the baby is safe. To find a reliable camera and monitor is another headache. A child's well-being cannot be compromised. Even if you find a great camera, you still need to be sure that the WiFi works perfectly at all times. The SIMSHINE PRO baby monitor is the best option available right now 


The SimShine Pro baby monitor camera provides a gadget that you can trust to help keep your child secure. You can care more and worry less. The impressive technology of this device lets you stay in touch with your baby 24 hours a day. The WiFi signal is so good that even when you are driving and constantly moving, you are still connected to the camera. Even with 30 percent signal strength, it gives 100 percent coverage of your baby.

The SimShine Pro baby monitor comes with exceptional features that make it stand out. It has a special 2K QHD monitor, with a built-in sensor. This enables the camera to follow the baby's every movement, with a 360-degree rotation, giving you a crystal clear view of your infant. This amazing gadget has a 2-way system, that notifies you as soon as the baby starts crying. It automatically starts playing soothing music and lullabies to calm the baby down. The 2-way audio lets you talk to your child so that you are in touch with the baby all the time.

SMART features of the SimShine Pro

The SimShine Pro baby monitor has free lifetime cloud storage. This lets you store any amount of data, like pictures or videos of your baby, and retrieve it anytime you like. The range of the WiFi is exceptional. When you aren't at home, the person watching your baby can download the app and you can share the camera with them. So that you don't miss out on any precious moments. This baby monitor really has the best and most reliable WiFi.

This camera comes with a free 32 GB SD card. The monitor comes with built-in white noise and lullabies. If your baby has a preference for a special lullaby or piece of music, just connect the SD card to your laptop and add more music. This monitor supports multiple devices on the app. Up to 5 people are logged in at the same time, via the account you used to set it up.

It has an infrared light for night vision that gives you a clear view of your baby's movements. You don't need to get up and out of bed, again and again, to check on the baby. The camera, which rotates to any angle you want, also helps to keep your baby in your vision.

The SimShine Pro baby monitor gives you alerts and real-time notifications of the baby's movements. So, in case the baby is trying to get off the crib, or is just restless you will be instantly informed.

If you need to close the app and reopen it again for any reason, it will refresh itself immediately.

This provides an added advantage in keeping track of your baby's sleeping habits with sleep analytics. The 24 hours playback helps you know your baby's sleeping habits . You can be at ease knowing your baby is breathing well and sleeping well.

The SimShine Pro baby monitor provides you with 24-hour monitoring of your baby, with the best WiFi service compared with other monitors. It is attractive to look at and very very easy to set up. Parents can have peace of mind regarding their children